Over the course of my years on the Internet, I have posted a few projects in various places. Seeing as I now have my own website, I thought it would be sensible to gather them all up in one place, and so here we are. Notice that not quite all of them are computer related. I have a life outside of the digital world, it would seem, whether I like it or not.


Naturally, I am on GitHub. I have multiple small projects on there, and from time to time I add more. Eventually each project will have its own entry on here as I get my site more organized and find good places for each section, but for now, this is how it will be.

KalStuff (Source)

I feel like KalStuff deserves its own section. At the time of this writing, KalStuff has recieved over 860 downloads, which astounds me. KalStuff is a modification for the game Minecraft which is written in Java, the game's own language. KalStuff has no theme whatsoever, only adding random new features to Minecraft, such as walking sticks that help with climbing hills and magic bacon wands that make anyone throw down what they're holding to consume the item. I started the project for fun some time in 2014, and by the beginning of 2015 me and some friends wanted to try working together on a serious project. I suggested KalStuff, which at the time was not really named, and so I uploaded it to GitHub and we got started. Since I had founded the mod, it ended up being called KalStuff, for lack of anything better. We are still updating it all the time, mostly just for fun, and it seems that at least a few people have taken interest in it. I personally plan to continue working on it for as long as I am able to.

Minecraft Forums

I have been quite active on the Minecraft Forums. Besides hanging out in the Redstone Discussion section to occasionally help people, I have three threads of note: My Command Crafter page, my Redstone Creations page, and the original, now mostly unused page for KalStuff. My Command Crafter project is discontinued, as can be gathered from reading through the page. It was before I used Linux, and I wrote code on... Windows. My Redstone Creations page is where I would post... well, my redstone creations, if you couldn't guess. I also took build requests from other people, though as of now it has been discontinued, for two reasons. One is that I no longer have the time to dedicate to something like that, no matter how much I enjoy it. The second is that I got an overwhelming response to the page and simply couldn't keep up with the requests. I have put KalStuff in its own section as it is by far my largest project online.


At the moment I have three guides on Instructables, all of which are about little crafts that I made for fun. As much as I love the site, I have had other things to do and have not been active on it for years. Sorry, my eight followers! I still don't know why you followed me in the first place, but I'm afraid I've let you down with lack of content.