Game Story



My eyes opened. It was so bright I could barely see at first. I could see that there were leaves above me after a few moments. The sun was shining through them. I thought I had fallen asleep for a moment. Then I remembered where I was, and why. The experiment of a lifetime. I guessed it must have worked, at least partially. I lifted my head. I was in a forest, and laying on my back.

This is a fine way to spawn in.

I got my arms under me and sat up. I looked around some more. The trees weren’t too thick.

Well, it won’t be too easy to get lost. That’s good.

Wait. I already am lost.

I didn’t really know where to start. The rest of the players should have started appearing already. I wondered what had happened to them. I stood up to look around a little. The spawn point may have been slightly randomized. Once on my feet, I saw that I had been laying in some fluffy green grass.

It could have been worse, I suppose.

I took a step and then stopped, surprised. I had expected to have some trouble with that body; I thought it would take some time to get used to it. But I had taken a step without even thinking about it. I looked at my hands.

They seem pretty similar to my hands. Well, my other hands.

I took another step, and then began to walk around where I had spawned in. Lots of grass that was maybe two inches tall. That seemed pretty short to me. The trees looked normal, although I couldn’t name any of their species.

I guess I might as well walk around a bit. Surely I would have seen someone else by now if they were going to spawn here.

I didn’t think I’d need to get back there, but just in case, I tried to memorize the place, and then started to walk in one direction. Unfortunately the trees made that rather difficult, but I did my best to stay on track. The forest seemed to be at least moderately sized. The ground gently sloped up and down as I walked, and here and there I saw small shrubs and bushes. One such bush had a few small orange berries on it. I did not know anything about the berries or if they were safe for consumption.

Perhaps I should grab a few of these while I’m here. Even if I am not able to eat them, it can’t hurt to have them. Food is something I will have to find eventually, though.

I walked over to one of the bushes and bent down next to it. I reached for a berry, and as I picked it, a small green bar appeared over the bush. It had a tag that read “Barzo Berry Bush”. A small portion of the bar went away, and as I picked another berry, it went down again. I continued to pick berries until the bar was completely empty. Suddenly the bar shrank and popped out of existence. The bush remained, so I tapped it to see what would happen. A new bar appeared over it, also green, this time with a tag that said “Empty Barzo Berry Bush”.

It sure is.

I now had a handful of berries, and I needed to put them somewhere.

I should have an inventory. I just need to access it. Come to think of it, I haven’t used any menus so far. It is time to test them out.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to open a menu, having never done it before. I knew how it was supposed to work, but that didn’t mean it would be easy to get the hang of. I stood up and then tried to open the menu using my mind.


Nothing happened. I tried harder.


Still, nothing. I decided to try a different approach.

The menu is supposed to open in front of me. Maybe I should try directly controlling it.

I tried to pull down the menu as if it were a part of me, controlled by my brain. It worked, and suddenly there was a menu in front of me.


Supposedly I could control almost all the menus using my mind. For the time being, however, I decided to resort to touch control, as it was far easier. I looked at the menu in front of me. It was mostly just some floating buttons a few feet away.

Self. Options. Friends. Inventory. Map.

Those were the only options I had.

Just as it was meant to be.